PHP Classes – How to Create a Class with a Method Function

class PHPClassExampleMethod {

/*Define your variables*/
var $fname;
var $lname;

/*Create our custom function and indicate
it will be accepting two parameters.*/
function ShowInfo($fname,$lname) {

/*Passed parameters need to be assigned
values so we can use them.*/
$this->fname = $fname;
$this->lname = $lname;

/*This is how we will output the value.
We concatenate strings and values.*/
echo "The name of the person is " . $this->fname;
echo "Their last name is " . $this->lname;



//create a class
$myPHPClassWithMethod = new PHPClassExampleMethod;

//Call the method and pass two parameters
$myPHPClassWithMethod->ShowInfo("James", "Tadeo");



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