3d Model Created in Blender

During the last few weekends I’ve been clearing out old files and downloads that had accumulated over time. While it would’ve be great to keep most of everything, I needed the space. Even with a few terabytes of space, it’s easy to run out. During one of my clean up sessions, I found a model I was working on from a couple of years ago when I was doing a lot of Blender 3D work. It was a character test model based on Little Big Planet’s main character. This month I’m working with After Effects and will most likely be working with Blender again. It should be fun.

Photon Multiplayer Game – Updated Page


During the holidays, I updated the Photon multiplayer game page. This proof of concept now includes a desktop download for Mac and Windows as some browsers will not allow download of the Unity plugin. It’s the first build and still in development, but I’ve got most of the issues sorted out.

Try it out and let me know what you guys think!

Photon Server Tutorial – How to replace the demo worker in PUN

I’ve been a huge fan of Unity and have been using the Photon Multiplayer Realtime Server. Around 2011, I started doing Photon Server installs and it’s helped me a learn a lot about the details of multiplayer servers. My next project will be doing an integration with a JS based game framework. Not sure how that will go, but I’ve learned enough to be able to make anything work together.

This tutorial using PUN version of Photon. It makes it much easier to create a multiplayer game. Have a look at my sample that currently runs in a browser. At some point, I will create a desktop version.

Unity3D Multiplayer Game

Game by James Tadeo

This is an ongoing personal project I work on when I need a bit of fun and sanity. Here’s the link to the test page where the game currently lives. I update it now and again. I also built a custom REST API for the scoreboard and integration with a CMS database.


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