MakerBot 3d Printed Little Big Planet Character

Hey! Remember that LBP model I made in blender. Well, I got it printed out.

Even at the lowest printer settings it turned out better than I expected – just because I was cautioned that it may not print as the structure wasn’t optimal. So what did I do? I printed it starting from the character’s head. Upside-side-3d-printing. It worked.

3d Model Created in Blender

During the last few weekends I’ve been clearing out old files and downloads that had accumulated over time. While it would’ve be great to keep most of everything, I needed the space. Even with a few terabytes of space, it’s easy to run out. During one of my clean up sessions, I found a model I was working on from a couple of years ago when I was doing a lot of Blender 3D work. It was a character test model based on Little Big Planet’s main character. This month I’m working with After Effects and will most likely be working with Blender again. It should be fun.

Illustration and Design


One of my fave things to do aside from creating user interfaces is planning and developing processes as an infographic. I think one of the best ways to learn or deeply understand a subject is to teach it. I’ve got a series of infographic examples that I’ve worked with and will be posting out once complete. Some of them are animated as well using HTML5.


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