MakerBot 3d Printed Little Big Planet Character

Hey! Remember that LBP model I made in blender. Well, I got it printed out.

Even at the lowest printer settings it turned out better than I expected – just because I was cautioned that it may not print as the structure wasn’t optimal. So what did I do? I printed it starting from the character’s head. Upside-side-3d-printing. It worked.

3d Model Created in Blender

During the last few weekends I’ve been clearing out old files and downloads that had accumulated over time. While it would’ve be great to keep most of everything, I needed the space. Even with a few terabytes of space, it’s easy to run out. During one of my clean up sessions, I found a model I was working on from a couple of years ago when I was doing a lot of Blender 3D work. It was a character test model based on Little Big Planet’s main character. This month I’m working with After Effects and will most likely be working with Blender again. It should be fun.

3D Printing with MakerBot

Makerbot with Sackboy

I recently got a chance to try out a 3D printer and let’s just say that it was everything I expected it to be. It worked as advertised and my mind is now racing with all kinds of cool things I can prototype by merging web, apps, and real world objects.

During the workshop, I learned about the process of taking a 3D object and transferring it over to the 3D printer. It was surprisingly easy and I documented it for future reference. Later, when I got home, I loaded up a model that I created a couple of years ago. At the time, I was doing a lot of work with Blender.

One item of note was the various materials that can now be used with 3D printing. For the simple prototypes, organic plastics based on corn can be used and for more serious endeavours, apparently metals are available as well.

Blast from the Past Animation

I’ve been doing more video work lately and wanted to start posting some of it on my YouTube channel. This was one of my first posts from long ago. Ah yes, good times.

The models were created using Animation Master and the textures were either scanned or generated by me. The floor was part of the program as a default. Lighting the scene was easy as at the time, there was a program that I used that generated an amazing skybox.
Nowadays, I’ve been using blender. I’ll post up some blender tutorials when I can. I made them a couple of years ago and just recently decided to release them for reference.


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