Cash Roll – iPhone Game

Cash roll 512 icone

Roll in the dough and rack up the cash! Remember that time is money and money buys you time. I produced this iOS game app a couple of years ago and will be redesigning it.

Tilt your phone left or right to make the pig move. Roll over everything to get points and power ups, but avoid all the credit cards. Especially the red one.

I produced the art and design based on a few sketches I had from several years ago. I would draw these little piggy  pics and it seemed like a good starting point for a game.

iPhone game by James Tadeo

I wanted to give a painterly effect to the game vs. the super crisp digital lines one would normally find in vector art. This project didn’t really have a deadline so I was able to enjoy the process of producing the art. Most if not all of the art I produce always start off as initial sketches.

Tell your friends. Invite them over to test out the game using the service at


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