Snowball Frenzy by James Tadeo

Multiplayer game proof of concept made with Unity. Snowball Frenzy Updated Jan 12-15. | Check out my Web Design and sample work at

Unity Web Player. Install now!

Hey! It doesn't look like you have the Unity Web Player installed or maybe it doesn't work it your current browser? You can always download the Windows or the Mac OSX version to play with the links below!

The video above shows some of the base functions created for the Snowball Frenzy multiplayer proof of concept.

Play Online

This requires the Unity plugin. Some versions of Chrome may not support the plugin. Safari, as of December 2014 supports the Unity Plugin. So, I've got that going for my game.

Windows Download

Quick install and ready to go. Just download, unzip, double click and connect. Be sure to visit often to get the most recent version. Otherwise, things will get a bit funky. Download the 32-bit version here.

Mac Download

Quick install and ready to go but this download is the Mac version. Download, unzip, and double click. Check back for the most recent download version of Snowball Frenzy!

How to Play

The player moves by pressing the keys W,A,S,D on your keyboard. You can also use the arrows keys on your keyboard if you have them. GET POINTS by picking up the spheres, cubes, and capsules for points.

Press L to throw a snowball(s).

Press the SPACE bar to jump.

GO FASTER! Press the SHIFT key whilst pressing one of the WASD keys to run.

Games are 90 seconds each. See who can get the highest points! After the game, your score gets entered into the universal leaderboard.

Oh yeah, and dat music? Sorry, it was all I could find at the moment. It's

multiplayer sample


This is a list of what I'd like to add or fix in the game (not in order of priority). At this time, the main functions are working.

  • Add a way to invite friends to play.
  • Refactor code, optimize, and make it faster!
  • Fix "Failed to 'network-remove' GameObject because it's null" error.
  • Add login, room creation, integrate with a custom user database. This will allow user names and rooms to be saved or loaded later on.
  • Re-code the snowball throw. At this time it is very inefficient. I am planning on using photonView.RPC calls that will AddForce to a player's local bullet object vs. network instantiation (ouch!).
  • JSONIFY all data - At some point, one of goals is to jSonify my data so I can save and serialize game objects. It will bring an entire level to the the game in terms of functions. All data is local to the player at this time except for the leaderboard info and that's just a database output.
  • Make the world larger. Right now, you can fall off the edge, just like 1492 days.
  • Split up user name assignment and login to server.
  • Snowball for throw animation blows up when on player when thrown.
  • I have tons of code that I've written that I need to refactor. At the time, I just wanted to make it work. There are some grotty areas that need a good clean. In the process, I'll need to be careful not to break anything.
  • Add a nav to this page so visitors can easily go to the different headings.
  • Add a way for comments to be saved regarding the game.

In Progress

I'm working on this when I get the time. This multiplayer has been in production for a while as I originally started using the original Unity networking functions. Then I switched over to Photon. I had to re-code a lot of the networking functions.

  • On Mac - character slides when in run mode. Fixing this.
  • Optimize RPC calls. This involves setting up Raycasting vs. instantiatin objects on the fly.
  • Quick optimize where I can based on my schedule.


Items below are done in addition to the foundational code, assets, images, and files. As of November 2014, these are the ones I've completed. There are others that were completed but were not included in the list below.

  • Turn off the irritating GO error alerts. I'll create a distro version.
  • Added YouTube video preview so users can see the current game play. Based on the Unity plugin not automatically running.
  • Create desktop versions - Windows
    (Ok to download and test)
  • Create desktop versions - Mac
    (Ok to download and test)
  • Create desktop versions - Linux
    (Ok to download and test) Here is the download link for the Linux version of Snowball Frenzy.
  • Main functions done.
  • Scoring - adding up properly
  • Score submits to database
  • Limit the amount of snowballs thrown
  • Health bar bug - resets for all players. Buffer the RPC call

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